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Partnering with Dr. Alan GlazierDr. Eric Dessner, Dr. Justin Bazan and Dr. John Nguyen, we launch our new optical line Lens for Lens (L4L) by Spinoza and invite independent eyecare professionals to take advantage of our pre-order deal.

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What the Lens for Lens means is that a portion of your eyeglass LENS purchase helps to pay for an intraocular LENS implant that restores sight at the time of cataract surgery in underserved communities.

When an eyecare professional purchases a box of 10 eyeglasses from us, L4L by Spinoza donates 10% of the profit to Orbis International or Christian Eye Ministry. They use 100% of the donations to purchase lens implants for cataract surgeries.

While Eric Dessner OMD provides free cataract surgeries and eye check-ups matching our donation, we will feature surgeons and donors who partner with us on our website and social media.


Click the map below to see the 18 countries that Orbis International works. Each of our glasses will be named after the cities where they provide cataract surgeries.


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Our goal is to provide high-quality eyewear at an affordable price and do good at the same time. We seek to accomplish this by partnering with eyecare professionals who choose to carry our socially conscious goods.

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Our SS 2018 LOOKBOOK is here - When you are ready, please submit your WHOLESALE ORDER. Or you can first consult with Dr. John Nguyen in terms of the styles, colours and wholesale price.





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