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SPINOZA helps fight against avoidable blindness. We are the only eyewear brand that is made, invested, and powered by optometrists and ophthalmologists, and together we give back.

10% of our profit goes to cataract surgeries in underserved communities; We work with Orbis International & Christian Eye Ministry to fund surgeries and build clinics.

We believe no matter the size, it is our responsibility to give back. Now we invite you to be an essential part of SPINOZA.


The founder Silja is a financier-turned-entrepreneur. Growing up as a big nerd who was never taking off her thick heavy glasses, she couldn't find a frame that wouldn't slip off her nose or leave marks on her face. She launched SPINOZA, featherlight and flexible eyewear, in the name of a Dutch philosopher of "Enlightenment."

SPINOZA offers superior comfort as well as a sense of pride. The frames are featherlight, flexible, modern, sleek and affordable - they are hand-made of medical-grade thermoplastic, memory-titanium, or nylon, using CNC (Computer Numeric Control) or 3D printer. And lenses are produced by Carl Zeiss Vision and Essilor, the world's leading tech brands in optics.


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RSVP for our private showcase in VEW - bit.ly/Spinoza_VEW

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