The Best Face Shields to Wear with Glasses!

We’re now well into 2021 and after the many spikes of Covid-19 over the past year, you’ve probably gotten used to some new and unexpected norms.

Who would’ve thought we’d still be wearing face masks and face shields everyday like a pair of glasses?

Sure, vaccines played a huge part in helping with this pandemic, but we’re not out of the clear yet. New strands are increasing infection rates and as a result, it’s more important than ever to mask up and protect yourself.

But those pesky masks and face shields have their fair share of downsides - uncomfortable, irritating and even painful to name a few.

While it may be a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things, chronic problems with masks and face shields can be compromising to both your comfort and your ability to work, with these difficulties often made even worse by your glasses.

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As we all buckle up for the outbreaks to come, we are here to help.

We’ve taken the time to explain why we even need face shields and have uncovered the best face shields to wear with glasses.

Why do we need face shields?

Most of us think that by simply wearing a mask, we’re doing all that we can to protect ourselves from the coronavirus. However, masks do not cover an important potential site of infection: our eyes.

While wearing masks protects yourself and others from inhaling and exhaling respiratory droplets that contain virus particles, your eyes and the skin of your face are still exposed to germs in the air.

The mucous membranes of your eye are an easy spot for viruses to set up shop and while you may wash your hands frequently throughout the day, it’s not likely you're washing your face as often. These opportunities for infection are made much worse with eye rubbing (don't get me started on eye rubbing… it’s very bad for you as it sets up a direct transfer of germs from the outside world to inside your body via your hand).

Face shields offer an extra piece of protection that keeps your eyes and the other parts of your skin safe from germs.

Studies have shown that having more protection than just glasses can significantly reduce your chances of getting infected with the coronavirus, as face shields cover a greater surface area of your face and make it harder for virus particles in the air to get to your eyes.

Should I use a face mask, a face shield, or both?

It is vital to remember that wearing masks and face shields have their own unique utility. Masks are designed to prevent contaminated air from entering and exiting the mouth and nose of a user, whereas face shields protect the eyes and other parts of the skin.

Even though face shields and masks serve different functions, both can be used together to create a more effective protection from infection.

Often, healthcare workers and others that work in close contact with potentially infected individuals use face shields, as they protect the person wearing them, where masks protect both the person wearing the mask as well as those around them.

How do I properly wear and store a face shield?

You probably know about the variety of masks available (N-95, reusable, disposable, etc.) and the rules that apply for them: disposable masks should be worn only once while reusable masks can be washed and used again. The same rules apply for face shields. However, all face shields should be thrown away after you damage or scratch them in any capacity that limits your ability to see.

You should store them in places where they won’t get scratches or acquire any other unnecessary contamination. Much like a mask, when wearing a face shield, it is important not to constantly be taking it off and putting it on; this will decrease the effectiveness of wearing any face protection.

Remember, always clean up your hands before and after handling your face shield and sanitize the face shield after use!

What are the best face shields if I wear glasses?

By now, you have probably noticed how hard it is to see when wearing glasses with your mask on alone. Your view can get fogged up FAST. This is so much worse when you are wearing a face shield, especially the wrong ones.

Some face shields just are not designed for glasses. They can become foggy and cloudy, making it hard to see. Thus, it's important to pick the right face mask for your glasses.

We have compiled some of the best face shields for glasses wearers below these should increase both your comfort and your ability to see clearly and get things done. 

  1. Ml Face Shields

These shields are super customizable as the actual shield can be modified to properly fit your face. But the best feature of these shields are most definitely little snares that fasten and hold the straps of your face mask to give the backs of your ears a break. 

  1. CARESTREAM Shield

This is a basic forehead choice that utilizes simple-to-clean plastic cushions rather than permeable froth. Flexible Carestream face shield has a temple pad that is made of a dense plastic and a customizable baseball-cap-like back tie, which can be easily disinfected. For an even more exceptional fit, the NoCry Flip-Up Safety Face Shield utilizes a wipeable plastic headband with a drawstring at the back for securing—and the actual face shield flips up when not being used.

  1. ArtToFrames Face Shield

You'll get the safety of a face shield with the comfort of goggles by using this shield that has acrylic glasses on the inside of the face shield. These glasses serve as the point of attachment to your face and can comfortably fit on top of most ordinary eyeglasses. The only downside: assembly required. When you buy them, you will need to put them together, however it’s not too difficult as there are only a few individual parts.

  1. NoCry Flip-up

NoCry flip-up face shield has been a popular favorite, as you may have seen many people using this face shield out in public or during travel and it’s easy to see why. The great headband not only has anti-slip cushioning to keep the shield in a fixed position when watching or reading any book in your seat, it's also customizable to assist you with creating the best fit.


While masks are an effective way to protect yourself from infectious particles, wearing a face shield offers an additional layer of protection to your eyes. A face shield with a clear, durable visor that fits right over your glasses will keep you safe and help you see better.

Whether you’re new to shields or a seasoned wearer, we hope we you know that there are face shields for you!

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