To all the dreamers, lovers, and achievers of life

It has been a blissful 3 years
since this nomad settled into New York for grad school, 
leaving behind the good old days
in Asia and Europe.
My guess is that none of my classmates had imagined
I'd be launching a business immediately upon graduation,
as I perhaps came across as a rather quiet girl,
trying to pursue her career in finance.
Starting this SPINOZA project has brought me
to not only discover but enhance my ‘authentic-self,’
as they say “Great Love” does so. 
Yes, It's true. I “clicked” at first sight,
with this futuristic, weightless eyewear.
And that was enough to drastically turn me around to a passionate lover.
I just had to bring them to New York, to my new home.
I had to show them to all my beloved friends here.
I had to speak out to share this newfound gem with all my heart.
…Don’t we all do so, when we find our dream lover?
Soon after, SPINOZA started collecting fans among finest elites in New York,
and has grown in less than a year from a 3-hour pop-up shop
to partaking in 3 fabulous boutiques.
This is only the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, 
and I invite YOU to join us to be an essential part of this brand.
Just like you, I am anticipant to see how the story of SPINOZA will unfold,
yet confident expecting something great,
and ready to share my stories of life and more!
Love is blind - But you have SILJA who's got your back,
her name originating from St. Cecilia, the patron saint of the blind.
May all the SPINOZA wearers celebrate every moment of their lives,
with fearless love, weightless freedom, and vivid vision.
Yours truly,